Several universities now put full courses online for free to the public. On this page, I’ll collect links to courses that have to do with evolution, cognition, and culture.

Terrence W. Deacon — Anthropology (Biological)

Available for free in iTunes. Link here.

John Hawks

John Hawks
There are two options:

First, he has an upcoming Coursera class that starts in January, 2014 called Human Evolution: Past and Future.

John Hawks also published the lectures and course materials to his Principles of Biological Anthropology course at UW, Madison, which you can find here.

Robert Sapolsky — Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

Lecture 1:

Playlist here.

Stephen C. Stearns — Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Lecture 1:

Playlist here.
Course materials here (10mb ZIP file).

Mohamed Noor — Introduction to Genetics and Evolution

Mohamed Noor
This is a Coursera class that, as of now, does not have any more scheduled offerings. However, it is an excellent course, and if you enroll, Coursera will email when one becomes available.


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